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Attention artists across the Carolinas.............

We invite you to the
First Annual

You can participate in either the Workshop or the Paint Out.... or BOTH.
You can even paint just one day if you want to.
AWARDS: First, $1000.00, 2nd $500.00, 3rd  $250.00


Information on the Paint Out:
TWO DAY PAINT OUT (click on this for information)
at your choice among eighteen selected sites in Salisbury/Rowan.

We want YOU!  
Seasoned, professional plein air painters and “newbies”. Let’s share the joy of Plein Air!
August 14 and 15, 2015
Show, Awards and Reception, August 15, 2015

WORKSHOP:(FULL...now taking names on a waiting list)
John Ebersberger Workshop

August 11, 12, and 13, 2015
Waterworks Visual Arts Center
123 East Liberty Street
Salisbury, North Carolina 28144

Register with credit card or PayPal:

Beginner through advanced
Class maximum: 15 students
Demos will be in oil, but other mediums are acceptable.
Register with credit card or PayPal:  

Hi Workshop Participants,

I'm looking forward to a great Impressionism Workshop!  Our main focus will be on color - how
to see it and how to mix it - to create a beautiful sense of light in your work.  On the first day
we will begin by painting simple still life set-ups, learning fundamental color relationships.   
Then we will apply what we've learned to the portrait/figure on day two, followed by the
landscape on the last day.   The class is geared towards all levels of ability - with an easy to
follow approach.   We will be working primarily with a palette knife on gessoed "masonite"
panels.   Below is a list of materials that I recommend.  If you do not have everything, please
bring what you have.  There will be an "S2dio supplies" art-mobile on hand where supplies may
be purchased for those items you don't have.  

We will be painting outside, on location, and I recommend a sturdy easel.  If you're able to, I
recommend  standing at the easel and using a hand-held palette.  However if you have a Julian-
style "sketch box easel", you can set a palette across the drawer.  If you have any questions,
please feel free to email or call me: johnebersberger@verizon.net and cell phone, (410) 533-

Thanks!  See you at the workshop,


Equipment list:
Portable Easel -
Julian French "sketch box" Easels are good, and it's what I use when I paint outside.   The little
pochade boxes that sit on tripods are generally not big enough to hold the medium to larger
boards for class, but some of my students have used these (they can be a little shaky when
painting with a palette knife too).   If you have a question about whether your easel is good for
the class, feel free to send me an email.

Palette -
It's important that students have palettes that are large enough (16x24 or larger)  Hand-held
palettes are preferred, because we will be outside painting, standing up at the easel.  Here are
some acceptable palettes I've found on the web:
From www.dickblick.com:  #03087-1117, Richeson White Melamine Palette, 17x26, $16.97
From www.jerrysartarama,  #49752, Bob Ross Palette, 16x24, $28.81
My favorite wood palettes are listed below, but being handmade, they are higher priced:
From www.leeboynton.com, handmade wooden palettes, 16x24, $85.
From www.turtlewoodpalettes.com  handmade wooden palette,  Pro Series II, 19x24,
$123.00, and Pro Series I 20x28, $129.00
A piece of 18x24 plexiglass is fine, as long as you have a surface to set it on (such as a
French easel or a tall table that you can reach easily).  Our local TruValue hardware store
carries these already cut.   

Palette Knives -

My favorites are the Holbein that come in a variety of sizes, although I would recommend #41
in series 1066 E  (These are available online only through www.artxpress.com)
My next favorite are from www.dickblick.com,  #44, Blick Blue Comfort Grip Painting Knife.

Oil Paints -

Below is a color list, with recommended brands, although any brand is fine.     I would stay
away from the student line of colors that most brands have.  Most online sites have these
colors, such as Dick Blick, Art Supply Warehouse, Jerry's Artarama, etc.

Rembrandt colors (these seem to be the cheapest price, yet are of excellent quality.  Other
brands are fine too, like Winsor Newton, Sennelier, Blockx, Gamblin, etc.)
Large tube of Titanium White
Cadmium Lemon
Cadmium Yellow Medium
Cadmium Orange
Cadmium Red Deep
Ultramarine Light
Cerulean Blue
Yellow Ochre
Burnt Sienna

Winsor Newton colors
Permanent Rose
Cadmium Scarlet, or Scarlet Lake (which is not as lightfast, but much less expensive)
Permanent Green Light

Napthol Red

Only Gamsol solvent made by Gamblin will be allowed in the workshop.   For clean-up I use
Pam cooking spray, which is an excellent cleaner for palettes.  Also good is a small bottle of
corn oil from the grocery store.  Handi-wipes or Baby wipes are good to have on hand for
cleanup too.

Paper Towels - Bounty

Important: All cancellations made less than 30 days before the workshop start date will forfeit
all payments made. If the workshop is cancelled by the organizer all payments will be refunded.
"To combine the efforts of North Carolina
visual artists, community leaders and the
general public in an annual, one week long
event to include a Plein Air Workshop  
taught by a leading, nationally recognized
Plein Air painter, and a two day “Plein Air
Paint Out”, featuring numerous sites in
Rowan County.
The event will provide opportunities for
aspiring young and interested adult painters
to work alongside the region’s most
successful working artists.
Plein air painting, translated “painting in the
open air”, is, by its very nature, highly
visible and generates public interest. The
result is a heightened respect for original,
representational art and a greater
awareness of the beauty that is our home."
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